Btone #5 Italian Style!

Since the very beginning of this whole journey, I always had the goal of five studios in my mind. I just had no idea how, where, or when that would happen, but here we are! I am excited to announce that Btone #5 will be opening in Boston's North End this December at 133 Salem St.! This space is new, but has all the great old world charm as it was the original spot of the North End Firehouse, and still has brick and stonework from the 1800s all throughout. 

The btone gods certainly had a plan for me, as not even a month ago, I got a call from my contractor who said "you gotta get down to the North End, I just saw the perfect place for you." So off I went.

When I walked in I believe I said, "Oh SHIT! This place is perfect." To be quite blunt, this Winter is bound to be challenging. My father will be undergoing a kidney transplant, and since his girl friend is the donor, I will be helping out quite a bit with their recovery. So opening a business was not on my priority list for this Winter. But when an opportunity like this comes knocking at your door, you take it. So that is what I did as THE PEOPLE OF THE NORTH END MUST TONE!

We will begin some small improvements next week, and will be waiting for our new shiny Megaformers to arrive for an opening in December! 

Here are some of the highlights about the new North End Studio:

You will have many of the same kick ass instructors you are already used to from the Back Bay, with some great new additions too!

First floor, wide open space, with a garage door that opens to the street so you can take in fresh air, smell the sweet pizzelles baking, and smell some garlic too. mmmmmmmmm

THE BATHROOMS: Where do I even begin with this one....The basement floor is where you will store your stuff, and hang before classes are ready. There is a separate Men's AND Women's room. Each has multiple showers, toilets, and wait for it......steam room! 

Outdoor space: When the weather is nice, you can hang outside before or after class in our own little slice of heaven outside. 

THE MEGAFORMERS: Same machine, same great workout. 

TWO STUDIOS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!! You will be able to use BOTH the Back Bay AND the North End studio with the same profile and package. 

With Melina's new RIDE studio down the street, expect some fresh juices from e.t.c. Juicery and smoothies!

EVERYONE can purchase the PRE OPENING SPECIAL of 6 Classes for $59. This has a 45 day expiration from first use, and has to be scheduled 45 days from your purchase date. Sale begins November 1st. Be sure to spread the word with friends and family that may live or work in the area. 

Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the space & our opening date!