It has been a few years now since we added ROW to the btone schedule. What we have come to realize is that there is nothing quite like it. The energy is always up, the tunes are right on, and the good vibes are impossible not to catch. 

One of the most fun events we have had at btone was the Row For Rosie's event last year. We had 50 people in the room at one time for an unforgettable afternoon of all things TONE & ROW. Everyone was working together, pushing themselves farther than they thought possible, and we want to recreate that same feeling on the regular. 

We are adding a TANDEM TONE N ROW to the schedule this October at our Back Bay location.

2 Teachers, 20 participants, 1 memorable class. Be on the lookout for this unique class. 

This class will allow for 20 people to sign up for the SAME CLASS. Two teachers will guide you through the class for a class as smooth as your transitions from express lunge to reversed catfish. You will spend time on and off the Rowers and Megaformers for a circuit class that will leave you breathless, sweaty, and feeling oh so good!  

We would recommend that you have taken at least 1 row and 1 tone class prior to taking any of our TONE N ROW classes.