Get a more well rounded workout routine at btone.

While all of our workouts target the body as a whole, sometimes we (your instructors) seem to get on the same page with workout ideas and moves. Not that anyone has complained before about our current way of doing things. We just know we can do better. We believe we can provide an even higher standard of service for you, our faithful clients. After some brainstorming, we think you WILL LOVE our new system, but more importantly your bodies will love it.


Beginning April 3rd, we are rolling out our new workout schedule. This will make your time with us even more effective. Each month we will post the game plan for the next 4 weeks here on this blog. You can then see whether the class you take will be more lower body or upper body/core focused. We will take it another step from there. We have designed a format for our instructors to use as a guideline, so that we have a specific focus for each muscle group on each given day. Ensuring that there is no overloading of one muscle group, and that throughout the week you will know you are getting a well rounded, well thought out workout routine. Of course your instructors will be delivering this in their own ways, but just have faith knowing that we've got your backs (and your fronts and your obliques...)

Since the majority of clients are coming 2-4 times/week we worked to make this schedule as well rounded as possible for all scenarios. This will only result in even more benefits, more results, and all of the muscle tone you can imagine. We configured the schedule so that it is changing each week. This way if you are someone who comes on the same days of the week, you will not always be getting the same focus. 

If it is a L=leg day, it does not mean that you will not do any core or arm work and vice versa. Each workout will still be balanced and will feel total body, but the focus will be more refined so that things never feel repetitive, and we can really hyper focus on those hard to get areas. 

We look forward to rolling this out for you all and as always welcome your feedback once the month is complete.