South Boston, we are IN!





We are located at 416 West Broadway (right next to Loco for all you taco eating, margarita drinking patrons.) You will enter at the F Street side entrance at 147 F Street. Since there will also be a school in the premises you will need to be buzzed into the building (you MUST be at least 10 minutes early for your first class.) Buzz suite 202 (if we are in the middle of teaching it may take a bit to buzz you in.) There is an elevator right when you enter to the left, BUT we know how much you like stairs, and since we are only one floor up, we know you'll be taking the stairs up a flight. To use the stairs enter code 2011# on the keypad.

Since the building has shared bathrooms in the hallway (don't worry it is directly across the hall from us, and most of our neighbors have their own bathrooms in their own space), we have PLENTY of space inside for all kinds of fun. There are no showers on premises, but since so many of you live nearby, that shouldn't be an issue. We will make sure there is PLENTY of dry shampoo lying around, body wipes and swag to keep you looking fresh before you had out to brunch or tacos! There will be btone swag, filtered water & towel service for all your swassy needs. 

The Best Part: The Equipment

Our equipment will look a bit different so be sure to get there early for a refresher. We have 10 custom reformers ready to make you shake. 

Here are some BEFORE pics of the space. We can't wait to see it shape up as we get closer to Opening Day!

Getting closer and closer!

Getting closer and closer!

Our tricked out sound proofed ceiling! 

Our tricked out sound proofed ceiling!