It's the first day of May and you know what that means? 

Sure it may mean the chirping of birds, longer hours of daylight, and spring sports. But to us it is the official start of the Btone Megaformer Challenge. We have 10 btoners representing from each btone location. They are battling participants from all over the world at other Lagree Fitness studios for the opportunity to win their very OWN Megaformer! The person with the biggest transformation, will get a shiny new Megaformer from the founder of Lagree Fitness and the inventor of the Megaformer, Sebastien Lagree. The winner out of these 10 brave individuals will win 1 free month to the Btone studio of their choice!


To help them stay motivated the next month, we made our own btone challenge. 

The #btoneb4summer challenge started last week with our water challenge. We will continue to pose a weekly challenge for a total of 8 weeks. This will lead right up to the official start of Summer. Any and all can participate. Anytime you use the #btoneb4summer (can be done on twitter, facebook or instagram...just make sure you do not have a private profile or we cannot see it.) you are entered to win FREE btone swag each and every Sunday of this Challenge.


The winner of the first week's challenge: Drinking at least half your body weight in ounces goes to: @suzleav Thanks for playing! You can pick up a free Btone Water Bottle at your participating studio. That way you can continue to get all the water your body needs! Each btone water bottle is 25ounces. An easy way to measure your intake throughout the day!

Week 2's #btoneb4summer Challenge: Meditate everyday this week!  Each day, carve out at least 10 minutes to do some deep breathing & meditation, and don't forget to #btoneb4summer for your change to win next week's swag. 

A few weeks ago when I was preparing for an MRI (aka my personal hell, and what I told the nurse administering the test was what I envisioned waterboarding to be like), Nicole Perry suggested downloading the HEADSPACE APP. She was using this meditation app to stay focused during marathon training. The first 10 days are FREE so its perfect for this weekly challenge. They are just 10 minutes long, which is an easy pill to swallow. Meditation is something we constantly hear people raving about, but something that seems to cause us a lot of discomfort even thinking about doing. If you are like me and spend the entire shavasana in yoga with one eye open, looking around the room, and wondering how many emails you have on your phone, whats for dinner, and why everyone else seems to be yoga goddesses, then this app is also for YOU.

For more information on the science on mindfulness meditation visit

For more information on the science on mindfulness meditation visit


Think about how many minutes you waste in the morning trolling all your social media pages (I know its not just me that does that.) Replace a few minutes of snapchatting (our new favorite way to waste some time, if you want a cheap laugh find us at @btonefitness) with this challenge and I promise that in 10 days you will want to continue on like I have. You will learn helpful tools to get through the day a bit more comfortable, aware, focused and driven (the irony of it all, I almost just threw my macbook out the window because this blog post keeps changing format on me and has now taken me WAY longer than it should have....inhale....exhale... must keep practicing...).

Just think about how much more you will get out of your workouts with even more focus?! I personally plan on making bear my bitch this week. 

We will be sharing some other fun apps/websites throughout the week that will make it easy to focus on YOU for a change. Please feel free to comment and leave your favorite go to meditation apps that we can check out!