Get to know this sexy beast inside & out.

The Megaformer is not something that most people are familiar with when they come into Btone. This is NOT a torture device, or a sex toy, but we'll let you decide for sure on that one. For 5 years we have been educating people on this piece of equipment. If you are coming in for your first time, or if you are a seasoned vet, you may learn something new with this breakdown.

Every first timer is given a breakdown on the Megaformer before their first class, and we have now got that introduction down to a science so you feel as comfortable as possible in your first class. Knowledge is power and as soon as you start to understand the nuances of the Megaformer, the more powerful you will become. 


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.29.37 PM.png

The middle part of the Megaformer is the carriage. It is the part of the machine that slides back and forth on wheels. Since there is sometimes very little weight used, you want to be very careful about how you get onto the carriage. You should NEVER jump onto it with both feet as it does move. We recommend grabbing the handlebars before you step up onto the carriage. There are lines and numbers on the carriage. These numbers are there as a point of reference, and a marker as to where you should put your hands, knees, feet etc. Where you put your body will change how something feels and the resistance you feel.


On either end of the machine are two platforms. The front platform lifts open, and that is how you change your springs. Just be sure to close it up when you are done so it is stable. When standing up on the machine, its always best to step up onto the platform first as it is stable (unlike the carriage.) Where your hands/feet are on the platform will also change how things feel, so be sure to listen up to your instructor once you are in the move as to where you can move around to change the intensity of the exercise. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, there are options for EVERYONE, so be sure to play around in class so you know the best spot FOR YOU.


There are handlebars on the front and rear of the machine. They move in all directions and drop down on every 90 degree angle. To change their position you lift them up and pop them into the desired position. On the front, they also lower down on an angle and back up. To do that you lift them both at the same time and adjust. Just make sure they are popped back into the locked position before use. 


The most popular springs are by far the yellow springs. There are 4 yellow springs on each machine. The Yellow springs are about 6 pounds when they are fully extended. We also have 1 black spring. This is equal to about 3 yellow springs or about 20 pounds when fully loaded. The big dog of the group is the blue spring. They are visually larger and easier to differentiate against the yellow and black springs. The blue spring is about 60 pounds when fully loaded. DO NOT TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE SPRINGS. We will tell you what springs you need to be on, and that changes depending on what exercises we are doing and where we may be on the machine. We typically give you a choice "if you want it a little harder try this, if you want it a little harder try this..." Outside of those recommendations, do not change your springs. Sometimes people try to make it easier and in turn make it 100 times harder and vice versa. The springs are ONE WAY to make things easier or harder. Your position, range of motion, and pace are a bunch of other ways and will save you lots of time, so be sure to listen up to the cues your instructors are giving you. 

Lightest to heaviest options:

1Yellow, 2Yellow, 1Black, 1Black 1Yellow, 1Black 2 Yellow,  1 Black 3 Yellow, 1 Black 4Yellow, 1Blue, 1Blue 1 Yellow, 1Blue 2 Yellow, 1Blue 1Black, 1 Blue 1Black 1Yellow, 1Blue 1Black 2Yellow, 1Blue 1Black 3Y, 1Blue 1Black 4Yellows

As you can see there are TONS of weighted options. But not only the springs will change the weight, where you are set up on the machine will also change how the weight feels. OPTIONS FOR EVERYONE.


Ah yes the dreaded bungee. This seemingly little chord is the quickest, cheapest butt lift you can give yourself. It is attached to the front of the machine and is used around your foot (unless other wise instructed). You just want to make sure it comes up from the middle and not out one of the sides. Its best to hang these up on a handlebar when you are done so your instructor does not wipe out on them and you can get into your bungees quick and easy.


There are two sets of straps on the Megaformer. The black straps and red straps. The black straps  have short and long handles and are used when you are ON the carriage. The short handles are used for your hands, the long floppy strap is used for your feet. If they feel uneven, just make sure that they are not wrapped up around anything or stuck on something. If they feel a little off, just move the black handle a bit, and make sure that one is not twisted. The black straps are used when we are ON the carriage. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.28.16 PM.png

The red straps are found on the rear of the machine and are used when we are on the rear of the machine. When using the straps, be sure to keep them even and smooth with an equal amount of tension on them. 


Since we sometimes stand on the Megaformer, you may want to grab your red pole to help you balance. They are usually on the floor next to the machine. If at any time you feel that your balance is taking away from the leg work, then grab your pole. It is there to help you perfect your form. When you are not using the pole, just make sure to place it next to the machine. The most common injury is stubbing your toe against this pole, so keep it out of your and others way. 

We go over all of this before your first class, but its always good to be prepared. You may not use half of this stuff on your first class as each class is different, but we want you to be familiar with them all. Our classes move quickly, but we break it down step by step for you. 

Don't miss out on what we find to be the most effective workout, because you are afraid of the Megaformer. The Megaformer should not be feared, but then again, nothing really worth it ever came without a little fear right?

See you at the studio!