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A Great Deal For our New Neighbors

Btone North End will be ready to go this December. 

Renovations have begun on Salem St, and before we know it this room will be full of hard working, kick ass clients, sweating it out, and TONE-ing it up. 

As you can see, we have a wide open space ready for its shiny new Megaformers. Painting is almost done, and once our flooring is installed and the mirrors go up this will start to look a lot like btone.

One of the best things about the studio is that we have access to some outside space. This will become a perfect sanctuary for you all to hang out before or after classes (weather pending of course.)

These garage doors are gorgeous, and will open right up to the street for fresh air, and i'm sure some funny looks from neighbors and future clients walking by.

On November 1st we will release our Pre Opening Special of 6 classes for $59. You do NOT want to miss this deal, and neither do your friends. Be sure to share with friends and loved ones in the area.

These classes can be purchased on the Boston Mindbody Page, and can only be used at the North End location. You get 60 days to use these classes, but we all know you'll get A LOT more out of it if you use them faster than that!

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