South Boston, we are coming for you.


 In the words of every Bachelor/ette contestant ever, this "journey" has not been easy, and we have certainly been a bit "out of our element" with this process. Ah Boston, you are lucky we love you! Just have to hold on cause the fantasy suite card is coming soon and each passing day we get closer and closer to that final rose!

Construction is in full force & we'll be open in May!

Builders & staff are working to get us up and running ASAP.  Our machines are ready to go, instructors are ready to go, and in no time you will be walking/wobbling around Southie a little taller, a little stronger, and definitely more TONEd. Because we know you love a good deal, and you have been SO patient....

Btone Fitness Southie's Pre-Opening Special

5 Classes for $75

120 Day expiration from FIRST USE

One Purchase Per Person. These classes can ONLY be used at our Southie location. However, any package after that can be used at ANY downtown location (Back Bay, North End & Southie.) This offer will say it expires 120 days from purchase date, but as soon as you schedule your first class, the dates will automatically update. 

A little about our new studio:


We will be located at 416 West Broadway (right next to Loco for all you taco eating, margarita drinking patrons.) You will enter at the F Street side entrance. Since there will also be a school in the premises you will need to be buzzed into the building (you MUST be at least 10 minutes early for your first class.) Once you purchase a package we should have key tags for you to enter. There is an elevator right when you enter, BUT we know how much you like stairs, and since we are only one floor up, we know you'll be taking the stairs! 

Since the building has shared bathrooms in the hallway (don't worry it is directly across the hall from us, and most of our neighbors have their own bathrooms in their own space), we have PLENTY of space inside for all kinds of fun. We have also rented an office space directly across the hall from us that we may end up using for changing areas, but we think with multiple bathrooms should cut it for now. There are no showers on premises, but since so many of you live nearby, that shouldn't be an issue. We will make sure there is PLENTY of dry shampoo lying around! There will be btone swag, filtered water & towel service for all your swassy needs. 

The Best Part: The Equipment

Our equipment will look a bit different as we will have the newest version of the Megaformer, the M3K. 10 are being delivered, but you just never know what other types of equipment we may be adding to the mix, as there is plenty of room (the upside to not having to have bathrooms INSIDE our space.) 

Grab Your Pre-Opening Special Today!

5 Classes for $75

Here are some BEFORE pics of the space. We can't wait to see it shape up as we get closer to Opening Day!

Getting closer and closer!

Getting closer and closer!

Our tricked out sound proofed ceiling! 

Our tricked out sound proofed ceiling! 

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