Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl

btone FITNESS + Bar Method

a night out on the Towne

This past Saturday two powerhouse fitness studios came together for a bar fight...


Wait, that's a lie...  

Let's try this again, this past Saturday two powerhouse fitness studios came together to kick each other's butts (the only way we know how) by squaring off in a good ole' 30/30 fitness match up.

Instructors mixed and mingled into two groups. We kicked it off with a bang and hit the bar at Bar Method Back Bay lead by Clarice.  AND as if those 30 minutes were not painful enough we (barely) made it up the stairs to acquire some shaky legs from 30 minutes of holding, pulsing, and push-up ladders with Jody at btone FITNESS Back Bay. 


Once the pain was over, the two groups met at Towne Stove and Spirits for beverage and apps well earned. It was a great collaboration and meet up for our instructors and we can't wait to do it again. Sound like a bar crawl you want in on! Send us a message on social media and let us know!

Never tried Bar Method or btone FITNESS? You can learn more about each workout here:

Check out some photos from our classes...

btone B-You Week 4 & Final Recap

btone B-You Week 4 & Final Recap

btone B-You Challenge

Week 4 and Final Recap

Congratulations to Caroline P our winner of the btone B-You Challenge of the 3-class package! 

Mantra Monday

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.30.21 PM.png

We are almost done our #btonebyou challenge and starting off 2018 with one hell of a bang! We covered A LOT in these past four weeks.  We did all the deep work that is suppose to make you uncomfortable and bring a lot of shit up. That's what deep healing does and how you know the change is on its way. The ego (everything not aligned with love) tries so F-IN hard to keep us in shame and remain the same. It creates an uneasy feeling but the exercises each day were to help keep you grounded.

This week was the final push where we fall back in love with ourselves but keep pushing that comfort zone.

We talk about romancing the F out of ourselves! Bringing our energy back up to the skies and getting in touch with that confident person deep down. We love to say dig deep THEN fly high. Time to walk with our shoulder back and hearts open! Because this new confidence looks so damn sexy on you.


Tip Tuesday

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Alrighty let’s talk mirrors, every single one of our btone FITNESS is lined with mirrors. How many of you are thinking dammmmnnnnn Gina when you walk in the studio for the first time?

Those mirrors are your best friend. (And have your back form wise when the instructor can't). At any fitness studio, an instructor can que the same thing over and over and over but it takes looking up and admiring yourself in the mirror without shame or guilt to know if you are in the form you need to be in.

How do we fix the mirror fear? Sit down and get ready for it.

The challenge: Looking in the bathroom mirror at home alone and touching your body or just moving without a reason however you please fully clothed or naked in a way that isn’t shameful. Now that shits uncomfortable but you tap into this confidence and this energy that the more you do it, the more it makes you love what you see.

Start with just saying I love you and you are so F-IN beautiful or handsome or sexy whatever positive words that come to mind. The goal is to keep doing it until you feel that love or beauty or whatever word it is you are saying fill you up! Let’s be honest, do we ever just stop and say I LOVE you to ourselves?

Call us crazy but we promise ALL OF THIS WORKS WHEN WORKED. Just like working out muscles people can see.  Reminder when we look for this outside yourself we will never truly honestly be satisfied unless we get to know our bodies and love the person looking back at us! Now go talk love to yourself


Workout Wednesday

This week we are grounding ourselves in self-love and what better way than a yoga flow to beat the winter blues! This routine was written by one of our Wellesley Instructors, Jaime, who is also a yoga teacher. Click the link here to flow along.


Thankful Thursday

Intentionally saved the best for last, all about YOU.  Skipping right to the challenge part: grab your notebooks. 

Today we are writing a letter to ourselves thanking self (body/mind/being) for whatever great things come to mind. Make it deep, personal, and forgiving gratitude. Things like thank you body for all the year I put you through xyz, for still hanging on and being with me. The raw stuff the uncomfortable stuff.

The best way to wrap up the end of a week is showing gratitude to everything in life because we already talked about how life can be so brutiful (brutally beautiful as Glennon Doyle says). We know this gratitude letter to self will be the break of something new.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.55.13 PM.png

Fearlessly Fit Friday

This isn’t a resolution, this is a revolution.

Self-love is the new relationship goals

Challenge: break out the outfit comfort zone when you go to class. Always wear black because it looks slimming? Wear a bright color that draws attention to that beautiful body! Dare to wear a crop top and high waisted pants? Start by wearing them in a dark class break in slowly and not have a serious vulnerability hangover all class! Always wear long pants because you don’t like the way your legs look? Get rebellious and wear those Capri workout pants to show those babies off.

We want to see our clients and followers light up the studio with outfits you have been wanting to try but makes you feel uncomfortable to try!! Your mind will try to stop you and your mind will replay everything you’ve been telling yourself for decades ESP when you look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror focus on where the exercises are targeting rather than the shame that comes to mind. Always remember the magic happens right outside your comfort zone.


Self-love Saturday

Look at the word you wrote day one! After visiting that word and reflecting on the month, send us a direct message about how this challenge opened up your January 2018 differently than years before.

The last day to send the final entry will be Monday 2/5 8p. Don’t worry even though it is the last day, we aren’t going to leave you hanging! We have a maintaining phase starting Feb 14-March 17th. The new you starts now and we always encourage you to btone & B-You.

February schedules are live and we're dying to see you in the studio. 

Now, the fun stuff. You're photos from Week 4 and on. 

February Workout Schedule

February Workout Schedule

February Workout Schedule

Create a stronger more TONEd body one month at a time!

Btone Pastel 2018 Monthly Calendar (1).png

We have designed a format for our instructors to use so that we have a specific focus for each muscle group on each given day. Ensuring that there is no overloading of one muscle group and that throughout the week you will know you are getting a well-rounded workout routine.

This will make your time with us even more effective. Each month we will post the schedule here on this blog and each class will be broken down into: 

Lower body & upper body
Core & upper body

As a reminder, if you come on a Leg day, this does not mean you will only do legs, it just means that days focus is on a particular muscle group or exercise. This is the same for a Core/Upper body day. This routine gives us as instructors a more specialized way of delivering the best class with even better results and you REFINED ATTENTION TO YOUR MUSCLES.

Snap a picture of the schedule, located at each studio:

We will take it another step from there.

Since the majority of clients are coming 2-4 times/week we worked to make this schedule as well rounded as possible for all scenarios. This will only result in more benefits, more results, and all of the muscle tone you can imagine. We configured the schedule so that it is changing each week. This way if you are someone who comes on the same days of the week, you will not always be getting the same focus.  

Of course, your instructors will be delivering this in their own ways, but just have faith knowing that we've got your backs (and your fronts and your obliques...)

You're invited to Rose & Releve Event February 14, 2018

You're invited to Rose & Releve Event February 14, 2018

Rosé & Relevé Event at btone FITNESS Back Bay 

presented by Tavi Noir

February 14, 2018

6:20 PM & 7:20 PM

Forget about the dinner reservations, or GALentine's at home. Grab your best gals and guys, meet us at btone FITNESS Back Bay for a night of rosé and relevé. We will provide the leg shakes, post tone rosé bubbly and Tavi Noir Grip Socks. All you need to do is sign up, it's that easy! We can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentines Day, than a little self-love. 

Spots are filling up fast, don't wait until the last minute

Workout Wednesday: Yoga Flow to Beat the Winter Blues

Workout Wednesday: Yoga Flow to Beat the Winter Blues

Workout Wednesday

Yoga Flow to Beat the Winter Blues

Around this time of year, the cold weather, extra time indoors, and decreased sunshine can take a toll on our bodies, making us more prone to fatigue, viruses, and the winter blues.  

This short but sweet twist-filled yoga flow provides an immunity and energy boost and helps with digestion. It’s like giving your body a shot of espresso, without the caffeine!  The most important thing you can do here is breathing deeply and enjoy.

Chair Pose Twist

From standing, bend your knees like you’re about to sit into a chair, with weight in your heels and arms reaching up by your ears, shoulders down, chest lifted, belly muscles strong. Bring hands to heart’s center and twist to one side, placing your bottom elbow against the outside of your outer thigh to deepen the twist. With each breath, twist a bit deeper as you anchor from your pelvis, twisting from your waist.  Repeat on the other side, taking a forward fold between sides. 

Sun Salutations

From standing, inhale your arms high as you lift your gaze up, then exhale as you fold forward.  Inhale to a halfway lift, extending from your spine and resting hands on shins, and on your exhale, step your feet back to plank and lower down to chaturanga by moving forward on your toes and bending your elbows to 90 degrees as legs stay straight (alternatively, drop knees to the floor).  Inhale up onto your hands to Cobra or upward facing dog, lifting out of your shoulders and looking ahead, and exhale to downward dog, lifting hips back and drawing heels toward the floor.  Do at least 3 rounds. 


High Lunge twist

From a high lunge, bring hands to heart’s center, lengthen through your spine, and twist from your waist, keeping hips square. Bring your bottom elbow to the outside of your outer thigh like in chair twist and take 3-5 breaths.  Repeat on other side.

Warrior 3

Starting from a high lunge, reach your arms high, clasping your hands together overhead like Charlie’s Angels.  Press forward onto your front foot and create a T shape with your body, reaching as long as you can from fingertips to toes. Hold for 3-5 breaths and repeat on other side.


Fish pose

Lying flat on your back, palms facing down, slide your hands under your seat as you prop yourself onto your forearms and lift your heart.  Keep your legs extended long.




Standing with feet together, cross your right elbow under your left elbow like you’re about to give yourself a hug, and lift your hands up to connect (if they don’t easily lift, just hug it out!).  Then cross your right knee over your left knee and either rest your right toes on the floor or tuck your toes behind your left calf.  Lift your fingertips toward the ceiling as you lower your hips like chair pose.  Take 3-5 breaths. Repeat on other side.

Try “nesting your eagle” by folding from your hips during the pose, touching your elbows to your knees, then lifting back up again.


Supta Baddha Konasana

Bring the souls of your feet together, making a diamond shape with your legs.  Let your knees splay open.  Rest one hand on your heart and the other on your belly.  Breathe.



Lying on your back, bend your knees so you can reach your heels with your longest fingers.  Lift your hips high and if possible, clasp your hands against the floor under your back and press your arms toward the floor to lift your hips and deepen the backbend .  This is really nice with a pillow or block propped under your sacrum.



The best part of the practice! Lying flat on your back, palms up, relax completely from head to toe.  Allow your eyes to close, or cover them with a shirt or towel to block out the light.  Let your breath slow down and stay here for a few minutes  

Reclined twist

Hug your right knee into your chest. With your left hand, cross your knee toward your left side, turning your gaze to the right and extending your right arm to the side. Repeat on the other side.

btone B-You Week 3: Recap

btone B-You Week 3: Recap

btone B-You Challenge

Week 3: Recap

Commitment is a thing, admit it. You're committed to this challenge and you're mentally, and physically stronger for this commitment. Let's check in and see how all you commitment warriors did in Week 3.

Mantra Monday

Live each day based off of two principles, as if it’s your last or as if you will live forever.png

It’s so easy to complain about Monday but it’s a new week to strengthen our bodies/mind and go after what makes us the happiest! Both will not be easy but it will be totally worth it. 

We're challenging you to rewire the brain to be excited for the week ahead. Back to the notebook, we go. Write down 1 thing you might be looking forward to this week! Maybe it’s a btone class you signed up for or date you are going on. 




Write here…


Tip Tuesday

Let's stay on track during the winter, grab yourself an accountability partner! There nothing more fun than inviting someone on a sweat sesh with you! If you have been out of a routine for a while it’s much easier to make that once a week date with a friend to help get you back on track. Spice up a first date rather than the typical let’s get drinks, challenge each other to a fitness class!! Then to make it even better, grab a healthy bite to eat after!!!

Check out our class schedules here and remember (if it's your bud's first time, they can get 3 classes for $30.00

Workout Wednesday

The world doesn't stop just because we get busy but that doesn't mean we should make ourselves feel bad for skipping a workout. We checked in with our Instructor Diana for her go to at home workout when working, teaching and studying may keep her away from the studio or gym. Introducing her Textbook Workout click here to follow along.


Thankful Thursday

Be thankful for the people who challenge you in a negative way.

We are never going to please everyone, it's exhausting to even try. People will lay their “sh*t” on the floor in front of you but remember it’s not our job to pick that “sh*t” up. Bad days happen to everyone, and sometimes you might be caught in the crossfire. Sometimes words, actions etc of others may take a little more than a "shake it off" approach. 

How people react negatively is a reflection of something going on inside of them. That's when you take a step back, breathe (not only for yourself but for them) and recognize that we can proceed with compassion. These challenging moments are what help us grow because fighting fire v. fire never gets us anywhere. 

Challenge (Back to the notebook): Write down a situation that got under your skin. Look back at it, write the gratitude you have for it, and see that person or situation with compassion. The faster we come back to gratitude/love in those situations, the faster we can move on stronger and stand a tad bit taller.

Fearlessly Fit Friday


Have we gone there yet, to the class that makes us look silly or could never do alone or had to get in better shape to take the class before we take the class? You aren’t alone. More often than not, if anyone is looking at you in class it's because they lost what they should be doing. 

Enter a world where you stop making excuses for not doing the things you want to do. Don’t allow the fear take over your mind and prevent you from starting over again. That’s the beauty you can always start over and press that reset button. Maybe it was years ago you had your last sweat sesh, that’s okay fearlessly start over again.

Self-love Saturday

Knowing what you bring to the table so you aren’t afraid to eat alone (literally).

We are the most important romantic partner to ourselves. There’s something gratifying about being able to take yourself to a solo dinner and movie or to be able to look in the mirror and touch your body without shame. This comes with time.  

We're challenging you to take yourself out on a date. Whether it be a dinner, sit down not take out, or just a movie. Bask in the beauty of not having to answer to anyone but just sit with your own thoughts and a beautiful meal.

*Reminder this challenge is to bring you back to love with yourself and to feel empowered. So that when we are at the next workout or we look in the mirror we aren’t filled with shame, guilt, and negative feelings. It’s to get that feeling at the end of the workout or after looking at yourself you are stronger mentally and physically than you were before.

Now check out all your photos from week 3. We are obsessed about all these photos.

Use #btonebyou and tag us on Instagram and Facebook to be featured in next week recap feed. 

btone B-You Week 2: Recap

btone B-You Week 2: Recap

Btone B-You Challenge 

Week 2: Recap

Two weeks in the bag? Just joined us first week? Don't hang those hats up just yet because we're just getting started. We can't wait to share what our btone community has been up to during this challenge, here's how you crushed week two!

Gabby Quote.png

Mantra Monday

When there is a lack of self love, you welcome in judgement and gossip. Not only does judgement affect our brain negatively adds stress to our bodies. In order to change that cycle, start with looking inside yourself. This is not an overnight change and you have to work at it like developing muscles at a gym.

To fill ourselves deeply with self love, attainable steps need to be taken each day to create a faster reaction time so we can come back to love quickly when we look in the mirror wanting to pinch/grab something or speak negatively about our bodies or physical attributes.

Grab your notebook and write two things you love about yourself. Rapid fire, don't think just write. Then take a deep breath and sit with those loving feelings. If you feel led to write more or be still in silence for longer period of time honor your intuition.

Tip Tuesday


How to survive the Winter

We polled the btone FITNESS team and the results are in. Our collective tip during the winter? Don't forget to hydrate. It may not be the most Instagram worthy beverage but it's often forgotten about during the cold temperatures.

If straight up water isn't your jam we recommend: 

  • Drink Maple, one ingredient and straight from the tree. Plus it has mega benefits.
  • Yogi Tea, find yourself enjoying a cup and gathering inspirational mantras on the tea bags. 
  • Four Sigmatic, for mushroom vibes and great benefits for the brain.
  • Vital Proteins, collagen beauty water aka miracle water.  
  • Stay hydrated internally and externally glowing a small humidifier helps to keep the moisture in the air. 

Added tip: If it is very difficult for you to remember you can always set an hourly reminder on your phone. 

Workout Wednesday

This weeks free at home workout focus is legs core arms arms core legs.  Our rowing guru Juliette's at home workout that targets legs, core, and arms. The basic concept of rowing is 60% legs 20% core 20% arms for that all around full body work! What you need? Just yourself and to this FREE easy at home workout from the blog! Last weeks is provided there as well! 


Thankful Thursday

The best time of the week to reflect and bring us back to love with ourselves and others in order to finish with a bang.

Life is so brutiful (brutal and beautiful) Do you remember the last time you received or sent a text to someone in your life just saying I’m so grateful to have you by my side? Expressing that gratitude not on a holiday or a birthday or special occasions makes for an even happier heart. Not just a happy heart for yourself but for the person you sent it to. Many times it’s in a moment when someone needs to hear it the most! Join us in sending messages or calling the important players in your game of life sharing your gratitude. 

Fearlessly Fit Friday

You are not the number on the scale

How many times have we stepped on a scale just making ourselves upset because the numbers weren’t changing but forgetting our body actually was?

Tip: Throw the scale in the trash (unless you need to track it for medical reasons) and fearlessly workout!

Workout because it makes you feel good and you see results in the way your clothes fit. Don’t stress workout to be a certain number. If you want to track progress the best way is looking back at pictures, change in clothing size, and really just judging how you feel internally!

Self love Saturday

What makes you the happiest?️

Today’s challenge WHAT makes you the happiest and how are you incorporating it into your daily life? If it makes people uncomfortable that you chase happiness good, that means they weren’t meant for you anymore.

Keep sending your photos, your messages, YOU are an inspiration daily .... now the good stuff.

Photos from Week 2

Workout Wednesday: Textbook Workout

Workout Wednesday: Textbook Workout

Diana's Textbook Workout

Supplies Needed: Book, sneakers and yourself

This quick total body workout will take around 15-20 minute and can be done easily at home. You will be working your core, chest, hamstrings, glutes, quads and a burst of cardio all while utilizing body weight exercises. Let's get started.

RIGHT SIDE: (textbook goes under right foot or right hand)

  1. Plank Hold (1 Minute)
  2. Push Ups (12 for Tom Brady)
  3. Pistol Squat (1 Minute, 30 sec Pulse)
  4. Bridge Press to Lift (1 Minute Full Range, Pulse 30, Hold 30)
  5. Step Ups (1 Minute AMRAP)

LEFT: (textbook goes under left foot or left hand)

  1. Plank Hold (1 Minute)
  2. Push Ups (12 for Tom Brady)
  3. Pistol Squat (1 Minute, 30 sec Pulse)
  4. Bridge Press to Lift (1 Minute Full Range, Pulse 30, Hold 30)
  5. Step Ups (1 Minute AMRAP)

CENTER: (textbook under each foot or hand)

  1. Plank Hold & Breathe (textbook under each hand)
  2. 12 Push Ups (textbook under each hand)
  3. Downward Facing Dog (textbook under both feet)

Wednesday's Workout: LEGS, CORE, ARMS

Wednesday's Workout: LEGS, CORE, ARMS

Juliette’s at Home Workout for Rower: LEGS, CORE, ARMS!!

Round 1

  • 25x Step Out or Jump Out Squats
  • Stay low in a squat, jump the feet out wide and then jump them back to hip distance.  Jump out 25 times
Challenge: Double up on the jumps – out, out, in, in instead of just out then in

Challenge: Double up on the jumps – out, out, in, in instead of just out then in

Modification: Stay low in squat and alternate stepping feet out wide-

Modification: Stay low in squat and alternate stepping feet out wide-

  • 25x Boat Pose
    • Raise legs straight at a 45-degree angle and lift the core up off the ground to balance on your tailbone.  Hold your arms out straight and do 25 small arm raises/pumps upward – start with no weights, move up to holding paper towels or a full water bottle in each hand.  
Modification- bend the knees instead of straight legs

Modification- bend the knees instead of straight legs

  • 25x Tricep Dips
    • Find a chair, bench or kitchen counter-  Extend both feet straight out, with arms and shoulders evenly stacked.  Start with the arms straight and Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Push back up to straight and repeat 25 times.

Round 2

  • 25x Cheerleaders
    • Alternating legs step back into the split squat and then bring the knee up to toward the chest.  Stack knees and ankles on the front foot.  Repeat 25 times, (raising right = ½, raise left = ½) Must do both legs to count for 1
Challenge:  Add a small jump or hop at the top of the front raise

Challenge:  Add a small jump or hop at the top of the front raise

  • 25 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
    • Lay flat on the floor with legs fully extended.  Keep your feet and heels on the floor at all times.  Sit straight up.  Add a lightweight chest press at the top for a challenge.  You can use a cooking pot in the same way as a kettlebell.
  • 25x Plank Taps
    • Hold a straight arm plank and tap the alternate hand to alternate shoulder- right hand, left shoulder.  1 = tap right and left, each shoulder counts for half.

Let's Recap

Round 1

  • 25x Step Out or Jump Out Squats 
  • 25x Boat Pose 
  • 25x Tricep Dips

Round 2

  • 25x Cheerleaders  
  • 25x Straight Leg Sit Ups
  • 25x Plank Taps

Take a photo, video or share your Workout Wednesday journey with us on Instagram or Facebook tag btone fitness and use #btonebyou. GOOD LUCK!

btone B-You Week 1: Recap

btone B-You Week 1: Recap

Btone B-You Challenge 

Week 1: Recap

Check that box. You did it, you made it through your first week of the #btonebyou challenge and you came out on top.  Each week is a new week. Missed last week? No problem, follow below on how week 1 went and get your motivation to join us for week 2. Remember there is a winner each week and one grand prize winner. Just make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook and use #btonebyou

Shame can’t handle the light.png

Now let's review

Mantra Monday

We are going to just rip the band-aid right off with this one and give this shame a name. How many of you felt shame after the holidays for indulging with your friends and family? Now let us ask you this, how many of you ever heard someone say they had regrets for having super amazing sex (pleasure)? Yes, we went there and the answer is never.

So, now we ask why feel shameful for the “pleasure” good food, drinks, laughs, happiness, love over the holidays? So set your mantra for the week and let that ish go... When you take your next class think of the workout empowering you, making you stronger mentally and physically for whatever this year has in store for you. Don't carry the burden of guilt throughout this month. 

Tip Tuesday

Give yourself a break, make life a little easier by taking 10 mins at night to prep your morning meal. In the winter months it is so easy to fall off being mindful of what we place in our body. 


We have a recipe from Instructor Dana for overnight oats to help provide a few more minutes of sleep in the morning and less stress on that wallet:

  1. 1/2 cup rolled oats
  2. 1/2 teaspoon chia seeds
  3. 1 teaspoon of hemp seeds
  4. 2 teaspoons of coconut flakes
  5. 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds
  6. 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any milk of choice)

**added tip: Even though Dana makes this the night before she heats it up in the morning and adds blueberries and flaxseed to the top! Or it can be enjoyed cold** 

Workout Wednesday

Scheduled a date after work? Grabbed a few extra ZZZ's this morning? Our workout Wednesday is designed to be done at home/gym/office at any time. If you didn't make it and still want a great 20 minute sweat sesh we have your back with Instructor Caroline. 

You can follow the workout here: Flour Power Workout.

Thankful Thursday


Thursday's we revisit our notebooks.

It’s coming to the end of the week. Maybe some of you have felt the stress of the first full week back from, whatever it may be it’s about training our mind to come back to love and gratitude. The more we train our mind to be grateful and love the faster we heal / handle an upsetting situation.

Ever have a negative thought that just than spirals into a negative day, week or month? That can affect our bodies as well, leading to stress eating or under eating, feeling overly exhausted/weighed down, to then possibly skipping our workouts.

It happens and it’s okay. In order to accomplish getting back on track, it all starts with forgiving yourself. Which leads us to our journal portion on Thursday, write down 3 things you are grateful for. After you write them to take a deep breathe and sit with that feeling for a minute. #thankful


Fearlessly Fit Friday

Everything about comfort zones! The hardest thing in life is to experience pain or in this case discomfort. That’s why eating disorders & drug/alcohol addictions are at an all-time high. Numbing out our discomforts/pain is easier than speaking out our truth. The goal on Friday's is to schedule something fitness related within the next week that you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet because you are intimidated or afraid of how you might feel.

Of course, it might feel awkward at first but just try it. Regardless of your athletic abilities or feeling like you might look silly - that’s OKAY! Focus on your goals, and your happiness and less on what other people think. At the end the day, you can say you tried something new. The goal is to smash the comfort zones find your truth, gain strength and find what makes you happy. 


Self-love is not selfish

Self-love Saturday

We are our most important player in this game called life. If our tank isn’t overflowing with self-love how can we give freely without draining ourselves? Saturday's goal is to buy something for yourself.

Example: Buy yourself Flower (insiders tip: they are gorgeous and brighten up any space.)

As much as it is nice to have someone gift them to us, the same is true when you give them to yourself as well! If not flowers maybe your favorite wine, beer, or maybe even champagne. Whatever makes you feel like life is a celebration buy that thing today. Because we are celebrating just making it through another work week and being you!!  

Sweat Sunday

Our first Sweat Sunday with Diana was a smash. Make sure to mark your calendars and join us each Sunday at 12:30 pm live on Instagram for your sweat Sunday or you can join us in person at one of our btone locations. 

Now check out all your photos from week 1. We know that's really what you came here for!

Use #btonebyou and tag us on Instagram and Facebook to be featured in next week recap feed.