Here's some information for how to make the most out of the btone waitlist!

Classes are bumpin' at btone, but rest assured, there are ways that you can still get your TONE on even if class is FULL! 

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If a class is full, you may still sign up for the class. You click register/sign in and it will ask you if you want to join the wait list. If someone cancels BEFORE the 8 hour cancellation time, then the system will automatically put you into the class. If you are opted into our automated emails, then you will receive an email alert. BUT, as a rule of thumb, you should check your profile 8 hours before the scheduled class just in case you did not receive the email. 

If you see the class on your schedule it means you are IN, even if it says 'unconfirmed' you are IN. This means that if you made another back up reservation, you must cancel it ASAP so that you do not get into multiple classes on the same day. If you make multiple waitlist appointments please keep track of what class you get into. You can get put into multiple classes in one day if you do not cancel classes. As soon as you get in one class you should remove yourself from the other class or waitlisted class that you signed up for.

Rule of thumb, if it comes up on your schedule, then you are IN and therefore subject to the same cancellation policy as a regularly scheduled class. If it still says (on waitlist) then you are still on the waitlist. 

If you do not make it into the class before the 8 hour cutoff time, don't fret. We will let you know if we see that a spot opens up. BUT, as soon as the spot is opened up by someone that late cancelled, anyone who sees that spot available online can sign up for that class. It is then a first come first served situation. We do make every effort to fill the spot up with someone from the waitlist, but you would never just be put into the class last minute. 

This is why it is so helpful that you cancel, even if it is last minute, as we can then notify those that never got off the waitlist. After the 8 hour cutoff time if you see an open spot on the schedule, you would schedule it through your profile even if you are on the waitlist. 

If you do not make it into the class from the waitlist you would still have that class on your account to use in the future. 

CANCELLING IS GOOD KHARMA!! When you cancel, we get the chance to fill the spot back up. If the class fills back up you would get your class back to use again.