Our ROW program has begun to take some major shape at btone. We love to give the freedom to our instructors to showcase their talents and they've gROWn so much in the past year teaching these classes. We don't want there to be any surprises when you get to our little green room, so we have now identified our classes so you know what you are in for!

Here's the breakdown:

Circuit Row: You can expect more time spent OFF the WaterRowers in this class. Think "bootcamp" style workout where we incorporate not just the Row machines (which may be used other than traditional rowing), but also core exercises, body weight exercises, Kettlebells, and anything else we dream up in this HIIT workout. This is a great Row option for first-time rowers who are new to ROW or hesitant to being on the WaterRower machines for too long. 

Endurance Row: You can expect more time spent ON our WaterRowers during this Endurance Row class. With over 4,000 (some even up to 10,000) meters rowed in a single class, the focus is cardio, and building your cardio endurance on the rower. These classes are also interval based and will also involve work off the rower.  This is a great option for clients wanting to double up back-to-back classes doing a TONE then ROW. 

TONE N ROW: For the person who wants to ROW but may still want the familiarity of burning abs from the Megaformer. You will spend time on the Rower and Megaformer in this hybrid class that can ONLY be done at btone. 

You can schedule these classes at our Back Bay location this July. CLICK HERE

Please be sure to bring a CLEAN pair of sneakers with you, a water bottle and a towel.

Get ready to hoot and holler, cheering your teammates on, and shit talking those across from you during your relays! Its all fun and games once you enter the ROW ROOM!!!!