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Our instructors way-in on staying stress-free and enjoying the holidays.  

With the holidays just around the corner, there is enough crap already happening to add to your daily stress. At btone FITNESS, we’re here to tell you, do not let these words “GETTING OFF TRACK” be one of them.

We want you to cut yourselves some slack. You’ve worked hard all year, you’ve been dedicated to your workout routine so don’t add fuel to your fire. The holidays are supposed to be enjoyable, not guilt-stricken and we are here to help. We’ve asked our btone FITNESS Instructor Team, just what it means to embrace the holidays.


For the Monica Gellar's

aka.. The Organizers




You like things a certain way and when December hits it can get messy. (and we know you don't like that)

Grab your planner and let's get the rest of the month down on paper. 

"I get focused on my workout routine through time management. I like to tap into my organizational OCD, and spend Sunday night mapping out my week - where/when I will workout, a menu for dinners, errands to run, etc. Then I sign up ahead of time - if I’ve paid for class (and have a sitter) you bet your ass I’ll be there! (Also, I can’t have a scratch out mark in my beautiful planner so there’s that)" - Jenny S.

 “Make a realistic plan, and set small goals. Go to a class once or twice a week, and stick to it for 2 or 3 weeks. Then add another one, etc.” - Ana

"I keep a calendar/planner where I section off blocks of time for workouts in advance & record what I type of workout ended up doing afterward (i.e., btone FITNESS class, weights at the gym, Tabata at home, cardio/biking outdoors).  Monitoring how frequently I’m following through is motivating for me and will get me out the door if I’ve let things slide for too long.  It also helps to keep a good balance/variety when I’m deciding what to do." - Molley

"Allow yourself some extra wiggle room this time of year. All that being said, working out is a lot of my “me” time, especially this time of year, and it’s important that I maintain some kind of schedule because it’s when I feel at my best. I try to schedule my workouts the same way I schedule in my holiday gatherings - I write everything down in my planner and don’t allow for excuses. Make sure you are keeping those appointments just like you would a doctor’s appointment." - Gabriella

Grab your favorite planner and..


For the Rachel Green's

aka.. The Socialites

We get it, your holiday calendar looks like Kim Kardashian’s. Product launches, work parties, family functions. You name it you’re going.

Our instructors ease your fear about attending these parties. The overall theme here? Let it go, Queen Elsa.

"Changing my mindset to I’m Never “Off Track”. Over the years, I’ve found that the less pressure I put on myself to be perfectly “good” when it comes to eating healthy and exercising, the easier it is to be just that. The less I think about working out and eating my veggies as things I absolutely have to do, the more enjoyable they become. I now honestly look forward to working out and genuinely prefer to eat nutrient-dense foods. Because I don’t punish myself or feel guilty for skipping a workout or indulging in dessert, doing those things doesn’t send me into a tailspin of bad health decisions." - Nicole, For more on this topic, visit Pumps & Iron

"My favorite nutritionist, Julie Starr,(let's link her nutrition page) taught me to choose 3 foods that are you’re reset foods. These foods include mint tea, sauteed dark leafy greens, and warm lemon water with ginger and help me get back on track and make me feel like I’m nourishing my body with good food after all the indulgences. It’s not about limiting yourself over the holidays, it’s about enjoying the special food traditions and then being able to get back on track after." - Kate D.

"Lots of foam rolling throughout the holidays if you can’t get to a work out. Helps wring out the hangovers and all the rich food too! Super sweaty workouts like spin or hot yoga help me kick start me back into my routine too!" - Kate


For the Pheobe Buffay’s

aka.. The Self-Care guru

Making yourself feel bad isn't really your thing, you rather go with the flow and live and let live.

Somehow you're stuck on missing a day or what you ate last night. Have no fear, we're all about that balance life at btone FITNESS.

"I think it's alright to get a little "off course" while enjoying the holidays!  It's natural for our glasses, plates, and calendars to reflect the celebratory season. Having a slightly relaxed spirit about it all is good for even the most disciplined of us.  At the same time, it can be helpful to aim at least close to your track throughout the holidays.  This strategy is useful during this stressful time a year -  wholesome foods, restrained spending, non-toxic company and nourishing workouts can help counter its impact.  It is also a strategy that makes it easier to realign and recommit when the festive season is complete." - Kath

"There is nothing I enjoy more than the Holidays, but more times than not these extra indulgences end up with me feeling worse and worse as the weeks go on. If I am going to drink, then I make sure to have a water for every drink that I may have. I also have a major sweet tooth, so if I know there are some treats I want, later on, I am just more careful with the apps and dinner options that I choose. It’s all about balance and enjoying time with friends and family."  - Jody

"The holidays happen to everyone, and I take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who overindulges and gets a little side-tracked (really.. we all do). So I let it go! The new year is an amazing natural “reset” button, so I focus on being excited about that rather than dwelling in all the food and drinks I had over the past month. I like to remind myself to hydrate since dry weather + heat is a great way to get yucky skin! So I drink more lemon water and enjoy warm tea." -  Allyson

"Recognize that you can enjoy the holidays without indulging for an entire month. Don’t let the holidays impact your workout routine, in fact, use this time to amp up your sweat sessions! Try a more challenging class at the gym, train for a New Years Eve road race and -- if nothing else -- increase that water intake!" - Caroline

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Need help with hitting that reset button?

Here’s our go-to tips, tricks and recipes from instructors Kath, Juliette and Genevieve..

  • Cleanse your space with burning sage.
  • Plan Weekly Meals either at home or using a meal service.
  • Include other people & put your workouts on your calendar.
  • Find balance and get back on track with your favorite health and wellness book on audio. 

Let each day be a reset button, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Approach each day with the best intentions and do your best. That’s all anyone can ask! Close off this year being proud of who you are and how far you've come. Shake off the bad and welcome the New Year with open arms, open hearts, and new obtainable life goals to keep you on track! We'll see you at btone FITNESS!
- btone FITNESS Team