My favorite day of the year is Marathon Monday. I spent my childhood going to watch this race with my family and friends as a kid. I was flabbergasted when I learned in college that not all states had Patriots Day off?!?!? I mean how unAMERICAN! I usually found a way to bag out of classes and go to the big day anyways. Then it morphed into sox games and drunken days along the course.

Eventually I mustered up the guts to run one myself. I ended up running 3 Boston Marathons. It wasn't until I moved to California that I realized what a prestigious race this was, and how lucky I was to be a part of it. 

Having a btone studio along the route was total kismet. This will be the third year that I will be in Wellesley cheering on anyone and everyone who goes by, and I won't leave until every last runner that I know (and usually don't know) passes by. I for one know how long and hard that day can be, especially for those charity runners. So be sure to look for us right after the screaming Wellesley College girls. Look left and we are right after Bruegger's. 

This is a great spot to spectate from. It is super easy to get to. Just take rt 9 and get off at the Weston Rd towards Needham. Go as far as you can and park. Walk to Central St and you will see us a little ways down on the left. You can use the btone bathrooms and there are plenty of options to eat. It's just as easy to get out of there so don't worry if you have to be somewhere, or are trying to get to the finish line after. We are right before the halfway mark. We have so many btoners running this year and we can't wait to cheer for you! I have my speakers charging and cowbell ready!

Any and all are welcome so be sure to let friends and family know they are welcome to cheer with us. Lots of kiddoes will be there too!