Btone B-You Challenge 

Week 1: Recap

Check that box. You did it, you made it through your first week of the #btonebyou challenge and you came out on top.  Each week is a new week. Missed last week? No problem, follow below on how week 1 went and get your motivation to join us for week 2. Remember there is a winner each week and one grand prize winner. Just make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook and use #btonebyou

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Now let's review

Mantra Monday

We are going to just rip the band-aid right off with this one and give this shame a name. How many of you felt shame after the holidays for indulging with your friends and family? Now let us ask you this, how many of you ever heard someone say they had regrets for having super amazing sex (pleasure)? Yes, we went there and the answer is never.

So, now we ask why feel shameful for the “pleasure” good food, drinks, laughs, happiness, love over the holidays? So set your mantra for the week and let that ish go... When you take your next class think of the workout empowering you, making you stronger mentally and physically for whatever this year has in store for you. Don't carry the burden of guilt throughout this month. 

Tip Tuesday

Give yourself a break, make life a little easier by taking 10 mins at night to prep your morning meal. In the winter months it is so easy to fall off being mindful of what we place in our body. 


We have a recipe from Instructor Dana for overnight oats to help provide a few more minutes of sleep in the morning and less stress on that wallet:

  1. 1/2 cup rolled oats
  2. 1/2 teaspoon chia seeds
  3. 1 teaspoon of hemp seeds
  4. 2 teaspoons of coconut flakes
  5. 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds
  6. 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any milk of choice)

**added tip: Even though Dana makes this the night before she heats it up in the morning and adds blueberries and flaxseed to the top! Or it can be enjoyed cold** 

Workout Wednesday

Scheduled a date after work? Grabbed a few extra ZZZ's this morning? Our workout Wednesday is designed to be done at home/gym/office at any time. If you didn't make it and still want a great 20 minute sweat sesh we have your back with Instructor Caroline. 

You can follow the workout here: Flour Power Workout.

Thankful Thursday


Thursday's we revisit our notebooks.

It’s coming to the end of the week. Maybe some of you have felt the stress of the first full week back from, whatever it may be it’s about training our mind to come back to love and gratitude. The more we train our mind to be grateful and love the faster we heal / handle an upsetting situation.

Ever have a negative thought that just than spirals into a negative day, week or month? That can affect our bodies as well, leading to stress eating or under eating, feeling overly exhausted/weighed down, to then possibly skipping our workouts.

It happens and it’s okay. In order to accomplish getting back on track, it all starts with forgiving yourself. Which leads us to our journal portion on Thursday, write down 3 things you are grateful for. After you write them to take a deep breathe and sit with that feeling for a minute. #thankful


Fearlessly Fit Friday

Everything about comfort zones! The hardest thing in life is to experience pain or in this case discomfort. That’s why eating disorders & drug/alcohol addictions are at an all-time high. Numbing out our discomforts/pain is easier than speaking out our truth. The goal on Friday's is to schedule something fitness related within the next week that you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet because you are intimidated or afraid of how you might feel.

Of course, it might feel awkward at first but just try it. Regardless of your athletic abilities or feeling like you might look silly - that’s OKAY! Focus on your goals, and your happiness and less on what other people think. At the end the day, you can say you tried something new. The goal is to smash the comfort zones find your truth, gain strength and find what makes you happy. 


Self-love is not selfish

Self-love Saturday

We are our most important player in this game called life. If our tank isn’t overflowing with self-love how can we give freely without draining ourselves? Saturday's goal is to buy something for yourself.

Example: Buy yourself Flower (insiders tip: they are gorgeous and brighten up any space.)

As much as it is nice to have someone gift them to us, the same is true when you give them to yourself as well! If not flowers maybe your favorite wine, beer, or maybe even champagne. Whatever makes you feel like life is a celebration buy that thing today. Because we are celebrating just making it through another work week and being you!!  

Sweat Sunday

Our first Sweat Sunday with Diana was a smash. Make sure to mark your calendars and join us each Sunday at 12:30 pm live on Instagram for your sweat Sunday or you can join us in person at one of our btone locations. 

Now check out all your photos from week 1. We know that's really what you came here for!

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