Btone B-You Challenge 

Week 2: Recap

Two weeks in the bag? Just joined us first week? Don't hang those hats up just yet because we're just getting started. We can't wait to share what our btone community has been up to during this challenge, here's how you crushed week two!

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Mantra Monday

When there is a lack of self love, you welcome in judgement and gossip. Not only does judgement affect our brain negatively adds stress to our bodies. In order to change that cycle, start with looking inside yourself. This is not an overnight change and you have to work at it like developing muscles at a gym.

To fill ourselves deeply with self love, attainable steps need to be taken each day to create a faster reaction time so we can come back to love quickly when we look in the mirror wanting to pinch/grab something or speak negatively about our bodies or physical attributes.

Grab your notebook and write two things you love about yourself. Rapid fire, don't think just write. Then take a deep breath and sit with those loving feelings. If you feel led to write more or be still in silence for longer period of time honor your intuition.

Tip Tuesday


How to survive the Winter

We polled the btone FITNESS team and the results are in. Our collective tip during the winter? Don't forget to hydrate. It may not be the most Instagram worthy beverage but it's often forgotten about during the cold temperatures.

If straight up water isn't your jam we recommend: 

  • Drink Maple, one ingredient and straight from the tree. Plus it has mega benefits.
  • Yogi Tea, find yourself enjoying a cup and gathering inspirational mantras on the tea bags. 
  • Four Sigmatic, for mushroom vibes and great benefits for the brain.
  • Vital Proteins, collagen beauty water aka miracle water.  
  • Stay hydrated internally and externally glowing a small humidifier helps to keep the moisture in the air. 

Added tip: If it is very difficult for you to remember you can always set an hourly reminder on your phone. 

Workout Wednesday

This weeks free at home workout focus is legs core arms arms core legs.  Our rowing guru Juliette's at home workout that targets legs, core, and arms. The basic concept of rowing is 60% legs 20% core 20% arms for that all around full body work! What you need? Just yourself and to this FREE easy at home workout from the blog! Last weeks is provided there as well! 


Thankful Thursday

The best time of the week to reflect and bring us back to love with ourselves and others in order to finish with a bang.

Life is so brutiful (brutal and beautiful) Do you remember the last time you received or sent a text to someone in your life just saying I’m so grateful to have you by my side? Expressing that gratitude not on a holiday or a birthday or special occasions makes for an even happier heart. Not just a happy heart for yourself but for the person you sent it to. Many times it’s in a moment when someone needs to hear it the most! Join us in sending messages or calling the important players in your game of life sharing your gratitude. 

Fearlessly Fit Friday

You are not the number on the scale

How many times have we stepped on a scale just making ourselves upset because the numbers weren’t changing but forgetting our body actually was?

Tip: Throw the scale in the trash (unless you need to track it for medical reasons) and fearlessly workout!

Workout because it makes you feel good and you see results in the way your clothes fit. Don’t stress workout to be a certain number. If you want to track progress the best way is looking back at pictures, change in clothing size, and really just judging how you feel internally!

Self love Saturday

What makes you the happiest?️

Today’s challenge WHAT makes you the happiest and how are you incorporating it into your daily life? If it makes people uncomfortable that you chase happiness good, that means they weren’t meant for you anymore.

Keep sending your photos, your messages, YOU are an inspiration daily .... now the good stuff.

Photos from Week 2