btone B-You Challenge

Week 3: Recap

Commitment is a thing, admit it. You're committed to this challenge and you're mentally, and physically stronger for this commitment. Let's check in and see how all you commitment warriors did in Week 3.

Mantra Monday

Live each day based off of two principles, as if it’s your last or as if you will live forever.png

It’s so easy to complain about Monday but it’s a new week to strengthen our bodies/mind and go after what makes us the happiest! Both will not be easy but it will be totally worth it. 

We're challenging you to rewire the brain to be excited for the week ahead. Back to the notebook, we go. Write down 1 thing you might be looking forward to this week! Maybe it’s a btone class you signed up for or date you are going on. 




Write here…


Tip Tuesday

Let's stay on track during the winter, grab yourself an accountability partner! There nothing more fun than inviting someone on a sweat sesh with you! If you have been out of a routine for a while it’s much easier to make that once a week date with a friend to help get you back on track. Spice up a first date rather than the typical let’s get drinks, challenge each other to a fitness class!! Then to make it even better, grab a healthy bite to eat after!!!

Check out our class schedules here and remember (if it's your bud's first time, they can get 3 classes for $30.00

Workout Wednesday

The world doesn't stop just because we get busy but that doesn't mean we should make ourselves feel bad for skipping a workout. We checked in with our Instructor Diana for her go to at home workout when working, teaching and studying may keep her away from the studio or gym. Introducing her Textbook Workout click here to follow along.


Thankful Thursday

Be thankful for the people who challenge you in a negative way.

We are never going to please everyone, it's exhausting to even try. People will lay their “sh*t” on the floor in front of you but remember it’s not our job to pick that “sh*t” up. Bad days happen to everyone, and sometimes you might be caught in the crossfire. Sometimes words, actions etc of others may take a little more than a "shake it off" approach. 

How people react negatively is a reflection of something going on inside of them. That's when you take a step back, breathe (not only for yourself but for them) and recognize that we can proceed with compassion. These challenging moments are what help us grow because fighting fire v. fire never gets us anywhere. 

Challenge (Back to the notebook): Write down a situation that got under your skin. Look back at it, write the gratitude you have for it, and see that person or situation with compassion. The faster we come back to gratitude/love in those situations, the faster we can move on stronger and stand a tad bit taller.

Fearlessly Fit Friday


Have we gone there yet, to the class that makes us look silly or could never do alone or had to get in better shape to take the class before we take the class? You aren’t alone. More often than not, if anyone is looking at you in class it's because they lost what they should be doing. 

Enter a world where you stop making excuses for not doing the things you want to do. Don’t allow the fear take over your mind and prevent you from starting over again. That’s the beauty you can always start over and press that reset button. Maybe it was years ago you had your last sweat sesh, that’s okay fearlessly start over again.

Self-love Saturday

Knowing what you bring to the table so you aren’t afraid to eat alone (literally).

We are the most important romantic partner to ourselves. There’s something gratifying about being able to take yourself to a solo dinner and movie or to be able to look in the mirror and touch your body without shame. This comes with time.  

We're challenging you to take yourself out on a date. Whether it be a dinner, sit down not take out, or just a movie. Bask in the beauty of not having to answer to anyone but just sit with your own thoughts and a beautiful meal.

*Reminder this challenge is to bring you back to love with yourself and to feel empowered. So that when we are at the next workout or we look in the mirror we aren’t filled with shame, guilt, and negative feelings. It’s to get that feeling at the end of the workout or after looking at yourself you are stronger mentally and physically than you were before.

Now check out all your photos from week 3. We are obsessed about all these photos.

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