Daily Routines


We all have one.

What does your daily routine look like? Are you a business owner, employee, student? Are you juggling to keep your head above water or have you nailed your routine down to a science?

We at btone FITNESS wear many hats and somehow at the end of the day, we managed to keep a daily routine that helps set us up for success each day.

Beyond teaching our favorite fitness class to our members we love to educate and share information with all of you.

That's why each week you can find us here sharing daily routines and tips from our wonderful instructors.

We asked them all, what makes you tick? How does your morning start off?

Today we're sharing Jody's daily routine and we hope this inspires you in any way to getting your day started on the right track. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 5.48.50 PM.png

I almost always wake up before my alarm goes off. And with two dogs in the bed its usually because one of them decided to sleep on top of my head. Before looking at my phone (which let's face it, 20 minutes can get lost quick when you are in an instagram time warp) I take 5 mindful deep breaths and think about how I want my day to go.

Then my favorite thing is checking out the time hop app. Not only is it a reminder of what day it is, but it is a fun, positive, nostalgic way to start my day. (and a reminder if its an important date like someone's bday or anniversary.)

After making sure the dogs are all set, and by that I mean not tripping over them as they do cartwheels down the stairs... I usually check in to email, check my calendar and make sure that I know what has to be done that day and that I don't have to put out any fires. 

I usually go to bed pretty early so If I don't have to leave the house til later, I will usually pop on the dvr and do some work while the housewives play in the background. Lately a must is a quick cappuccino with some Nutty Life cashew milk made at home and then I am ready to go!

I have to eat breakfast within an hour or so of waking up and that usually involves scrambled eggs (i like to use really good olive oil), some avocado, and a pinch of truffle salt (a few tricks I picked up while traveling to Italy.). It keeps me full until its snack time and is quick and easy to make in a pinch. Then I am off and running and working nonstop to spread the btone empire!

What makes you tick? Share with us your tips and tricks - you never know who you could inspire! Drop us a line on social media and we'll see you here next week.