Daily Routines


We all have one.

What does your daily routine look like? Are you a business owner, employee, student? Are you juggling to keep your head above water or have you nailed your routine down to a science?

We at btone FITNESS wear many hats and somehow at the end of the day, we managed to keep a daily routine that helps set us up for success each day.

Beyond teaching our favorite fitness class to our members we love to educate and share information with all of you.

That's why each week you can find us here sharing daily routines and tips from our wonderful instructors.

We asked them all, what makes you tick? How does your morning start off?

Today we're sharing Jody's daily routine and we hope this inspires you in any way to getting your day started on the right track. 


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On Sundays, I plan out my personal workout routines for the week. This sets the mornings up for the coming week ahead. What is my goal? Is this only for only immediate results? No, my long-term goal is to keep getting stronger every year with age and finding the best way to maintain muscle tone and strength. I think my new motto is (taken from a fitness instructor while doing a class in LA recently) “Stagnation is Death”! While these seem a little extreme, my take away is to keep challenging yourself every week to try new workouts or moves. This muscle confusion philosophy never gets old and keeps you feeling refreshed and stimulated.  

A Sunday week-long plan would entail a goal of  3 or 4 slow twitch muscle focus workouts per week, btone FITNESS mostly but one of those days could be a barre class. I also want to keep those fast twitch muscle fibres engaged. I find the constant muscular contraction under tension (btone) leads to a stronger overall muscular base. I try to hit the gym and lift heavier weight with explosive movements 2x a week. Cardio is factored in my week but most typically involve a nice brisk walk or rowing inside for no more than 30/40 minutes each session. 

My philosophy is to really limit and control any impact moves and workouts that can start to break your body down over time. This doesn’t mean I won’t go for an occasional run. However, a 30-minute run is just enough without overuse and pounding on the joints. Preservation is key in my 40’s! 

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On a typical morning, I make sure I have enough food and snacks prepared in advance to make sure I am getting enough nutrients and calories. As a fitness instructor and busy mom, my ideal way of eating is that each food item has some nutritional benefit and is not from a package. My diet is very high in naturally sourced proteins which aids in building muscle from all those good workouts. Eating well is the icing on the cake to see results! 

Sometimes the days just get away from me and I don’t have enough time to adequately stretch. I recently subscribed to an internet-based stretching series (ROMWAD) which I try to do every night before bed. These are long hold stretches focusing on the range of motion and lengthening the muscles that have been worked so hard. This maintenance is key to keep the joints lubricated and not inhibiting muscle growth by not allowing the body to become too stiff and not pliable. 

To date, I have never had a major injury and attribute this to the balance I have in my planned weekly workouts! Fingers crossed it keeps on working!

What makes you tick? Share with us your tips and tricks - you never know who you could inspire! Drop us a line on social media and we'll see you here next week.