On your marks. Get set. ROW!

It's time to rack up some meters on the water rowers.

For the whole month of March (Thursday, March 1 - Saturday, March, 31) every Row class you take, we want you to log your total distance in meters. 

The rowers with the top three total meter counts will win special prizes. We will provide you with the piece of paper and pen in class and you can come here to log your miles in an online form. To be clear, btone FITNESS will not be recording your miles, you MUST log in below to enter your miles in order to win!

WHY Rowing? 

Rowing works 84% of muscle mass, from the tips of the fingers all the way to the balls of the feet. All muscles between those two points contribute to the rowing stroke. 


Rowing is:

  • Full-Body workout 
  • Joint Friendly
  • Low Impact
  • Relaxing to the mind
  • Burns up to 1000 calories

Don't worry, we don't just sit and pull for 45 minutes. We use different tools like kettlebells, resistance bands, weights, etc, and get up for intervals off of the rower. This not only gives you a chance to let the blood flow to the legs so you can start to feel your ass again but adds to the overall benefit of the class and TORCHES calories. 

These classes are ever changing so you will NEVER get bored, but you will get stronger and faster and each time you come you will pick up on something else we are teaching you to help make you the most efficient rower that you can be. Did we mention you are going to burn up to 1000 calories in a class? 


The Challenge Details

  • No cost to enter just the cost of the class. 
  • No limit on how many days or classes to take.
  • Challenge begins Thursday, March 1 and runs through March 31st.
  • Your rowing instructor will hand you a piece of paper and pen to log your meters during class.
  • You will have access to an online form to log your miles using the button below. This is a MUST, we will not be keeping track for you. 
  • Top three meter winners (male or female) will win a prize.

Join us today at a studio below!