btone B-You Challenge

Week 4 and Final Recap

Congratulations to Caroline P our winner of the btone B-You Challenge of the 3-class package! 

Mantra Monday

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We are almost done our #btonebyou challenge and starting off 2018 with one hell of a bang! We covered A LOT in these past four weeks.  We did all the deep work that is suppose to make you uncomfortable and bring a lot of shit up. That's what deep healing does and how you know the change is on its way. The ego (everything not aligned with love) tries so F-IN hard to keep us in shame and remain the same. It creates an uneasy feeling but the exercises each day were to help keep you grounded.

This week was the final push where we fall back in love with ourselves but keep pushing that comfort zone.

We talk about romancing the F out of ourselves! Bringing our energy back up to the skies and getting in touch with that confident person deep down. We love to say dig deep THEN fly high. Time to walk with our shoulder back and hearts open! Because this new confidence looks so damn sexy on you.


Tip Tuesday

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Alrighty let’s talk mirrors, every single one of our btone FITNESS is lined with mirrors. How many of you are thinking dammmmnnnnn Gina when you walk in the studio for the first time?

Those mirrors are your best friend. (And have your back form wise when the instructor can't). At any fitness studio, an instructor can que the same thing over and over and over but it takes looking up and admiring yourself in the mirror without shame or guilt to know if you are in the form you need to be in.

How do we fix the mirror fear? Sit down and get ready for it.

The challenge: Looking in the bathroom mirror at home alone and touching your body or just moving without a reason however you please fully clothed or naked in a way that isn’t shameful. Now that shits uncomfortable but you tap into this confidence and this energy that the more you do it, the more it makes you love what you see.

Start with just saying I love you and you are so F-IN beautiful or handsome or sexy whatever positive words that come to mind. The goal is to keep doing it until you feel that love or beauty or whatever word it is you are saying fill you up! Let’s be honest, do we ever just stop and say I LOVE you to ourselves?

Call us crazy but we promise ALL OF THIS WORKS WHEN WORKED. Just like working out muscles people can see.  Reminder when we look for this outside yourself we will never truly honestly be satisfied unless we get to know our bodies and love the person looking back at us! Now go talk love to yourself


Workout Wednesday

This week we are grounding ourselves in self-love and what better way than a yoga flow to beat the winter blues! This routine was written by one of our Wellesley Instructors, Jaime, who is also a yoga teacher. Click the link here to flow along.


Thankful Thursday

Intentionally saved the best for last, all about YOU.  Skipping right to the challenge part: grab your notebooks. 

Today we are writing a letter to ourselves thanking self (body/mind/being) for whatever great things come to mind. Make it deep, personal, and forgiving gratitude. Things like thank you body for all the year I put you through xyz, for still hanging on and being with me. The raw stuff the uncomfortable stuff.

The best way to wrap up the end of a week is showing gratitude to everything in life because we already talked about how life can be so brutiful (brutally beautiful as Glennon Doyle says). We know this gratitude letter to self will be the break of something new.

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Fearlessly Fit Friday

This isn’t a resolution, this is a revolution.

Self-love is the new relationship goals

Challenge: break out the outfit comfort zone when you go to class. Always wear black because it looks slimming? Wear a bright color that draws attention to that beautiful body! Dare to wear a crop top and high waisted pants? Start by wearing them in a dark class break in slowly and not have a serious vulnerability hangover all class! Always wear long pants because you don’t like the way your legs look? Get rebellious and wear those Capri workout pants to show those babies off.

We want to see our clients and followers light up the studio with outfits you have been wanting to try but makes you feel uncomfortable to try!! Your mind will try to stop you and your mind will replay everything you’ve been telling yourself for decades ESP when you look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror focus on where the exercises are targeting rather than the shame that comes to mind. Always remember the magic happens right outside your comfort zone.


Self-love Saturday

Look at the word you wrote day one! After visiting that word and reflecting on the month, send us a direct message about how this challenge opened up your January 2018 differently than years before.

The last day to send the final entry will be Monday 2/5 8p. Don’t worry even though it is the last day, we aren’t going to leave you hanging! We have a maintaining phase starting Feb 14-March 17th. The new you starts now and we always encourage you to btone & B-You.

February schedules are live and we're dying to see you in the studio. 

Now, the fun stuff. You're photos from Week 4 and on.