Daily Routines


We all have one.

What does your daily routine look like? Are you a business owner, employee, student? Are you juggling to keep your head above water or have you nailed your routine down to a science?

We at btone FITNESS wear many hats and somehow at the end of the day, we managed to keep a daily routine that helps set us up for success each day.

Beyond teaching our favorite fitness class to our members we love to educate and share information with all of you.

That's why each week you can find us here sharing daily routines and tips from our wonderful instructors.

We asked them all, what makes you tick? How does your morning start off? 


Mornings became a favorite time of day for me in my adult life.  Even though my AM routine has needed to shift significantly since becoming a Mom,  morning rituals still make the time a favorite. As long as I set it up well the night before by making lunches, getting clothes planned and getting everyone (including me) to bed at an optimal time. 
My alarm goes off at 5:05 am each morning.  This alarm that tells me I have an hour left to sleep – it’s pretty annoying for my husband, and I’m sure it can’t be scientifically defended in the least, but it somehow makes the “real” wakeup time at 6:05 am feel more gentle.  In the past, my morning rolled right into a meditation practice and workout time, but those activities now come a little later in the day and, first up – I’m a Mom. 
I try to keep the first part of my morning really quiet since my daughter is still sleeping and it’s probably the calmest part of my day.  After I get dressed,  I very often light a candle (Olives and Grace carry my favorite) or diffuse some essential oils so that I feel like I am awake but still cozy.  If I’m extra on top of it, I’ll Sonos some really quiet classical music while I am getting breakfast/morning stuff ready.  I pack my daughter's backpack and I also try to clean out emails and do any “short” replies or online to-dos. I usually do a pass through social media too, but I don’t let myself get sucked into major work tasks at this time.   
When I wake my daughter up at 6:45ish, I try to have everything organized so that the rest of the morning feels simple.  Ideally, I put all devices away so that we can have some quality time together and this commitment feels good for her but also for me!  Before anything else, I drink lemon water with B12 and usually some Urban Moonshine immune or joy elixirs dropped in.  Most mornings I have loose-leaf green or white tea and save stronger caffeine for later.  I also like Gold Threads Herbal Elixirs and sometimes a kombucha.  I'm usually not super hungry in the AM so I usually have one of those superfood LaraBars my daughter loves Kite Hill almond yogurt with hemp seeds, granola, and fruit.  If it is the weekend, we usually bake something vegan together. 
We actually read the newspaper in the morning (usually we are about four days behind…)  It’s kinda comical but always opens the door into an interesting conversation with my six-year-old.  Ideally, we have thirty minutes at the table together before we walk to school.  Being just a beat early in all of these things makes our morning feel peaceful and happy. 
After I drop her off, I try to be efficient with the rest of my morning since it always feels late compared to how much I used to get done by 8:00am.  Depending on my work and teaching schedule, I try to Segway right into a workout or yoga practice as soon as possible.  I eliminate a sense of choice around this – it’s just a habit to move early in the day, and I’m always better for it.  Whether I Btone, do a different workout or yoga only, I always try to unroll my mat and just stretch/roll out for a little bit before or after or when possible.  I also almost always meditate for a five-minute minimum and try not to put this up for negotiation (cause the mind can always argue there is “something better” to do!)  I sprinkle in life tasks (laundry, grocery store etc) in the mid-morning around any teaching and other work.  

I work best in blocks so between that early morning check-in and my mid-morning “work block,”  I generally try to keep offline and keep my phone in my pocket even though it is SO tempting to constantly check in.   I’ll definitely pull out my phone for an exact task (like to text the husband something I forgot or order Instacart) but I really try not to if I’m gonna mindlessly “check” or “scroll” just because I’m in a two-minute waiting line at Whole Foods.  I find it helps me feel less frazzled during my early morning and more fresh for mid-morning online work. I DO however listen to podcasts for all my walking commutes unless I am craving extra silence.  By the time late morning comes around, I have a Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, cold brew or almond milk cappuccino in hand and I have a block of time set aside for my work online.  I do this usually at home sprawled out on the floor.   

Weekends, I still get up early and usually go to workout/yoga first.  My husband I figure it out together and I usually get some kind of mum-break before we enjoy the day all together.

What makes you tick? Share with us your tips and tricks - you never know who you could inspire! Drop us a line on social media and we'll see you here next week.