It's game time, Marathon Monday 2018


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My favorite long weekend of the year is here! We will be geared up in Wellesley center btone FITNESS Wellesley. All are welcome. If you want dry socks or sneakers feel free to drop them at the studio and we will make sure to keep them dry. No matter the weather, the temp, the blisters, the crowds, Always remember the reason. Years later you won’t remember the time or the pace or the cramps. You’ll remember the amazing feeling especially as you make that turn Hereford to Boylston street good luck to all the runners!! Boston Marathon. - Jody Buonomo Merrill Founder of btone FITNESS

No matter who you are, where you are, if you are a runner or a Bostonian the Boston Marathon means something to you. 

Many of us live inside of a Boston bubble on Patriots day. It means more to you than a day off from work, more than some 30,000+ crazy people running 26.2 miles. It is a sense of pride, a Boston Strong feeling that was here long before 2013.  

Race day is unpredictable, you train for cold conditions and show up in the runners coral sun tanning before the race (i.e 2012; 87 degrees).  Its April in Boston and that can only mean a few things, the sox are playing, the weather can slap you in the face and you're in for a long wild ride, running the course of one of the greatest and most memorable marathons of a lifetime. 

If you haven't caught on by this point, we love the Boston Marathon at btone FITNESS. Our owner, our coaches and our students love the Boston Marathon. 

We caught up with a few of our runners to share what it is like to train for Boston, how btone FITNESS has helped prepare them and most importantly WHY they run. 

Meet Juliette and Cherie (btone instructors) and Amy (btoner) 

What got you into running?

My sister-in-law got me into running 3 years ago.  She did the Boston Run to Remember in May, 2015.  I went to cheer for her and it was so inspirational to see her running along the Charles and over Mass Ave with thousands of other people.  We did our first half marathon together that October.  It was really amazing to train with her and we have been doing races together ever since.  - Juliette

My running career started in eighth grade when I joined my schools' cross country team. Since then, I have been an avid runner, participating in races during, throughout and after college. I love challenge of training for a race and the excitement of race day. - Amy

When there wasn’t a field hockey team at UMASS Boston, I decided to try running. My amazing coach, Sarah Shapiro supported my hopes to join the cross-country team. My first day of practice, I could hardly run a 5k. I improved during my time with the team and running has continued to be a part of my fitness routine. I ran seven 5k’s in three months just for fun. - Cherie

Why run the Boston Marathon?

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Last Christmas in 2016, my 17-year-old brother James Lavin and his best friend, Owen Higgins were killed in a car accident on their way home from Falmouth High School hockey practice. My brother was a state champion football player, had a great amazing sense of humor, was smart, fearless, and was loved by many. I’m running this marathon in his honor and do something he didn’t get the chance to do in his lifetime. Growing up, my siblings John, Erin, and I would annoy James by calling him “James the Flames”. When I ran the Falmouth Road Race with my family this summer we made tank tops that said, “James the Flames” with hot wheels flames. We know he would find that hilarious. I’ve been using the hashtag #jamestheflames and #cherierunsboston2018 for the Marathon. I’m anxious and excited for race day. I can’t wait to see my friends and family along the route. Despite the pain and how hard it is going to be to finish, I’m not going to let James down. He is with me every step. I think running the marathon will show my kiddos with Confidence Connection, family, friends, and amazing coworkers that anything is possible. I am thrilled to run the marathon for the Bruins Foundation in assisting families and children and reminding others of how important athletics can be in forming a sense of community. My family was overwhelmed by the support of the hockey community and the kindness of the Bruins as they created personalized jerseys and professional photos for both families during that tragic time. I’ve raised $6, 650 towards the foundation and I’m confident I’ll reach my goal of $7,500 by race day. My thoughts are with the brave men and women in the military, first responders, and police officers, because my boyfriend works every Marathon Monday with his Department keeping us all safe. I love that B.A.A is focusing on members of the military, volunteers, medical personal and law enforcement during their “year of service” (#passthebaton) this year.



The Boston Marathon is a one-time event and definitely, an experience everyone should try to do at least once.  It is an amazing race although the qualifying times are competitive and fundraising goals are high. It's a commiment no matter what way you look at it, more than a regular marathon.

I ran with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 2017 and it is special to me for a few reasons. First, is that I worked there from 2015-2018 and really connected with the mission, staff, and patients I got to see on a daily basis.  Second, my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and my grandfather passed away from cancer.  I don’t know a single person or family who hasn’t been impacted by cancer in some way.  Knowing that the funds raised were going to research I got to see changing people's’ lives every day was an amazing feeling.




This will be my second Boston Marathon, I was fortunate enough to run my first Boston Marathon last year and I am so excited to be a part of the amazing experience again. I am running for the Martin Richard Foundation and am a part of their marathon team, Team MR8 is so special because it honors the legacy of Martin Richard, the eight-year-old boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. The charity is run by Martin's family and works closely with the greater Boston community to support programs that promote kindness and peace. Most recently, the Martin Richard Foundation broke ground on Martin's Park, a community park adjacent to the Boston's Children's Museum which will provide a safe place for children to play and honor Martin's legacy.

What is your pre-run, post-long run routines?

I usually have a protein bar with banana or a piece of toast with almond butter. I pair that with a cup of coffee, water, and one of VitalFit’s cherry tart capsules to reduce inflammation. After a long run, I usually try an ice bath. The longest I have endured is about three minutes before I jump out and turn the hot water up. Then I take a nice warm bath with a Lush Cosmetics bath bomb or Dr. Teal’s muscle soak to warm up after the ice and a cold run outdoors. I am usually not very hungry right after the run and it can be uncomfortable to eat right away. I make a protein berry/banana smoothie with VitalFit’s Adapted powder to start the recovery process and get some post-run fuel in. I follow up with the foam roller which is NOT my friend, but it helps reduce the lactic acid build up. Sometimes I have been following this all up with a quick nap, before I eat my post long run meal. I’m always down for tacos, guacamole, and a glass of red-sangria to celebrate. - Cherie

I am the worst at pre-run routines. I just pack gel, Gatorade, and water.  I really try to stretch (though most of the time I don’t) and take the first mile really slowly and stretch again after my muscles have warmed up.  I also try to change up my music as much as possible.  Good tunes are crucial in a long run.  Following that run, I sit down in the shower for a little while.  I know that sounds weird, but after 18+ miles I am done standing.  Then I put on the comfiest PJ’s I can find and foam roll my legs and hips.  Then I sit and watch crappy reality TV for a while while rolling out my feet.  After I’ve rolled out my muscles and stretch, I usually make ramen or a cup of noodles in the fall or winter.  If it is summer I make a frozen flatbread pizza (usually American Flatbread), I’ve definitely going to eat that all by myself.  - Juliette

After long runs, I like to stretch A LOT and take a warm, hot shower.  - Amy

How has btone FITNESS supported marathon training?

I started coming for rowing.  I wanted a low impact cardio workout to balance out the high impact stress of running.  Distance running can really take a toll on your body, especially your feet, knees, and hips.  Rowing was a good way to get in the cardio without the damage of running.  I started to use the Tone Machines more frequently after I tweaked my hip on a run.  My Physical Therapist said I had weak hip muscles for a runner and needed to start building up that muscle group to recover and to become a better runner.  Leg days in Tone class are really helping build up my strength.  The slow movement and new heavier machines are perfect and is a balance to running.  It is the opposite feeling of running, which I love that change of mindset. It is helping me build strength in areas that runners need to be successful, but often neglect. - Juliette

I won a 5 class pass to btone FITNESS last year at a fundraiser and tried it for the first time. I loved how challenging the classes were and how many muscles I worked that I didn't know I had! btone has provided me with strength training and cross training, especially in my core. Plus I had a chance to host a charity fundraiser this year at the Lexington studio, with a packed class I was able to share my love for btone with my co-workers and friends all for Martin. - Amy

Run your hearts out runners, best of luck to everyone.