Daily Routines

We all have one.


What does your daily routine look like? Are you a business owner, employee, student? Are you juggling to keep your head above water or have you nailed your routine down to a science?

We at btone FITNESS wear many hats and somehow at the end of the day, we managed to keep a daily routine that helps set us up for success each day.

Beyond teaching our favorite fitness class to our members we love to educate and share information with all of you.

That's why each week you can find us here sharing daily routines and tips from our wonderful instructors.

We asked them all, what makes you tick? How does your morning start off? 


I usually get up around 6:30ish, giving me enough time to get ready for the day (showered, dressed, etc) before getting the kids up. 

I get my 2-year old dressed while my almost 6-year old decides to rebel against the outfit that we collectively chose the night before for her to wear to school.  

We then head to the kitchen where I pack her lunch and snacks for school and get them breakfast.  Their breakfast typically consists of some version of toast, pancakes or waffles with yogurt, fruit and orange juice.  My breakfast is always prepped ahead of time, and I heat up a protein pancake that I put either almond butter or strawberry jam on and a cup of a Detox Tea from Davids Tea.  My Starbucks coffee is already brewed and ready to go out the door with me, along with snacks and meals that are prepped, (depending on how long I’m going to be out), next to my gym bag.

Although it sounds smooth, there is almost always some version of up and down from the breakfast table to show me a new dance, FaceTime Daddy if he is already gone to work… or basically some other version of putting us behind schedule, but miraculously we always make it.
Once the bus picks up my daughter at 8:40, my son and I hop into the car either head to the gym where I get in my workout and he goes into the daycare, or I drop him off at my Mom's before heading to BTone to teach classes.

What makes you tick? Share with us your tips and tricks - you never know who you could inspire! Drop us a line on social media and we'll see you here next week.