Written by Emily Munoz

It’s Fourth of July week, when we celebrate America! Freedom!

And the staggering reality that people really used to dress up all the time even before social media. Take a minute and consider whether or not you would have powdered your wig in the heat of summer if you couldn't have Instagrammed it. That means no “Declaration drafting = hot AF” selfie with Thomas Jefferson.

Change, like 1700’s fashion choices, can be uncomfortable. But, in fitness and in, say, nation-building, when you commit for the long haul, you get to build the life, and the strength, you want. Take off that wig and let the winds of change blow through your sweaty hair already.

You guys know the story of the founding of our country, so we’ll summarize. The colonists started doubting whether or not life was as good as it could be (“Do we even like tea? Might this new country actually run on Dunkin?”, etc.). Everyone was all, “OMG King George is the worst. literally, the worst.” Then, without even the helpful idea support of a “New Country” Pinterest board, the colonists realized they could do better. So they rejected the old system, declared independence, and...probably felt just like you did the first time you sat on a machine at bTone or ordered a green smoothie.

 We invite you to celebrate all your choice and change points this week - every time you’ve decided that the status quo wouldn't help you be extraordinary. Every time you’ve chosen to be better.

 These choice points are very present in our wellness and fitness journeys. Maybe the wake-up call is injury or a nagging imbalance issue. Maybe you realize you aren't proud of how you feel, or maybe you were admiring your friends’ strong, healthy bTone bodies and realized...strength was possible and you were ready.  Regardless, these are the times that something changes - the moments when you decide to dump some cargo of your own into Boston Harbor.

 The American Revolution didn't happen overnight but it did happen - because people believed it was important for the long haul. Parts of the process were probably as taxing as the slowest lunge or plank to pike, and the Continental Congress definitely got rage eyes when the founding fathers started talking and lost track of time. “HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN AT THIS EXERCISE?”

 Bottom line: declaring independence is the original core strength move. Every time you reject doubt and excuses and get your butt to the studio, you invest in something important.  Every time you show up to prioritize your health, you’re putting in the hard work of being a revolutionary in a complacent world.

Cue fireworks.

Do you remember times when you’ve made a decision to prioritize yourself, knowing the road was difficult, likely covered in lots of horse poo, but worth it? Tell us!