TONE for Runner’s

Each April on Patriot's Day, athletes from all over the world convene in a little town for the Superbowl of marathons...The Boston Marathon. People train for years to qualify for this prestigious race. Charity runners commit to raising close to 10K for local charities, often in honor and memory of ones they love so that on Marathon Monday, they can make that 26.2 trek from Hopkinton to Boston, and know that when they cross that finish line, they are part of history. 

There is nothing harder than training for the Boston Marathon IN Boston, through the winters. That is unless you end up getting an injury. As athletes plan out their training calendars, its often filled with long runs, tempo runs, and you can often forget one of the most important aspects of training. Cross Training & Strength Conditioning.

Btone fitness was the perfect fit in my Boston marathon training. Pilates strengthened my core, upper body, and legs while also stretching out tight muscles after long marathon training runs.
— Michael, Btone Fitness Back Bay & MGH Runner



Btone’s signature TONE class is an excellent compliment for Marathoners looking for some cross training. Any coach will tell you that becoming and remaining a strong runner, especially one that is free of injuries and is constantly improving their PR’s, all spans from strength training and muscle conditioning.  Building bone density are key components to preventing injury and having stronger runs. It's science people! Our 45 minute classes are designed for you, the busy person, juggling it all. Zone out, and we will take it from there. Every class is designed to make you stronger, but secondarily you end up getting all the amazing benefits of the workout, flexibility, muscle conditioning, cardio endurance. 

I’ve been running for over 20 years and never felt stronger then I do when taking classes at Btone 2-3 times a week. I noticed a huge difference in my races. I’m stronger, faster and less likely to injure myself after a hard run. After carrying and delivering 3 children I can honestly say that Btone has allowed me to continue running competitively even 15 years after my collegiate career. And even when I’m not in race mode I can hit the pavement knowing that I have the core strength to get me through a long run
— Jill, Btone Fitness Lexington

Since we want our runners to have an even more enhanced experience, we are beginning a special class JUST FOR YOU:

Tone For Runners:

WELLESLEY: Tuesdays at 730pm and Sundays at 330pm with Diana

LEXINGTON: Saturdays at 12:45 with Colleen.

Please be sure to check your home studio's live calendars as class times are subject to change.

This specialized TONE class will be structured with a focus on three major muscle groups: legs, core and arms. All three areas of the body are important for strong and injury free long distance running. Training to effectively stimulate the slow twitch muscle fibers, as we do in all of our TONE classes, will help to build up your muscle mass so that you can push it a little harder on those long runs, run with more comfort and be able to TURN IT UP when you make that turn onto Boylston St!

Throughout the duration of the class, the instructor will be providing information about the exercises, the muscles targeted, and why the exercises are beneficial and important for runners. All classes will conclude with a five minute stretching sequence specifically tailored to runners. The stretching sequence will be noted as important for clients to complete both after strength training and muscle toning sessions, as well as after long distance runs.

I’ve found the classes have definitely helped my flexibility with my glutes and hips, which tend to tighten up during training. Btone has been great for my lower back muscles as well. I would never get these types of stretches done on my own.
— Jason- Btone Fitness Wellesley Client

Being surrounded by like minded athletes, we can share what works for each of us, and maybe even trade secrets on what nutrition and fueling techniques work best for us on training and race days and our favorite recipes to keep us fueled all training season long. 

Regardless of your pace, you will get a lot out of these classes so you can make the most out of your big day. We look forward to seeing you at our btone fitness Wellesley cheering station, rain, sleet, snow or shine!