The 101 on Group Fitness

With boutique studios popping up all over the place, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of a boutique style workout. This usually means really unique, fun, GROUP exercise classes. Whether you are a seasoned GroupX junkie, or about to take the leap. Here is what you need to know so you and the others in your class get the MOST out of their class.


Your trust is everything to us and we depend on that trust to keep a class running smoothly. Take the recommended spring load, or weights and follow your instructor. It's our job to support you, but also to challenge you and sometimes you have to do things a way you may not be used to in order to get it. 


You may go into class, wanting to do one particular exercise, but it is a group class and it is impossible to give everyone everything that they desire at that moment in time. At btone our workouts are forever changing, so know that if you didn't see something one day, you likely will the next time you are in. It is very distracting to the teacher and to other people in the class if you go off on your own and do your own thing. You want to get a well rounded workout and sometimes we have to be pushed out of our comfort zones a bit to do that.


If you have an injury, or had an injury, you should let us know BEFORE CLASS. That way we can give you a heads up when we are about to do something that you should be careful of and be sensitive to any type of modifications you may need. Even if you are just having a bad day, we want to know. That way we can either give you some space, or if its extra attention you may want, then we can do that too! We don't know what you need unless you tell us, so always speak up (just try not to do that when we are cueing up an exercise...see below at the pipe down section.)


Forget about the RBF, its all about the WOF (workout face)! You all have it. You may just not be aware of it. I just thought that everyone hated me for a while. Then I was told about the "workout face." Next time I was taking a class I checked my own workout face out in the mirror and was HORRIFIED. I think of myself as a very friendly, happy person, but I looked like I was being tortured! Some people may smile when faced with a challenging move, others may look like they are going to cry. We can read a lot from your facial expressions but sometimes the "THIS SUCKS AND SO DO YOU" face looks a lot like "THIS IS THE BEST CLASS EVER" face. Help us out and crack a smile once in a while we promise, we will smile back, or we may make you plank another 30 seconds. YA NEVER KNOW!


I know, I know, I just said to go with the flow, BUT you also need to listen to your body during class. We do not know what you need unless you tell us. We get all different ages and levels of fitness and experience in each and every class. So listen up and there will ALWAYS BE OPTIONS. Options to make it harder, and options to make it easier. DO NOT worry about what the person beside you is doing. I can almost guarantee they are not paying any attention to you anyways, and they are just hoping to make it through the class just like the rest of us.


We need all of your attention so you do not miss any pertinent information. Leave your phones in a locker (unless you want to take tons of workout selfies, then its okay, just be sure to #btonefitness.) We are runningaround the room like crazy people and do not want to step on your phones or trip on your belongings, so leave them in the designated areas.  If you have a work emergency (for those who are with us during a "meeting,") or a sick kid at home/school, then just let us know ahead of time that you may need to pop out of the room to take an emergency call. Talking on your phone during class is a definite no no. (We did actually have someone on the phone during a 5th is that even possible?!)


This goes along with the unplug message. We need our clients to hear us. If you are talking to the person beside you, then that person, you, and likely the people around you cannot hear their instructor. Try to keep the gabbing to a minimum during classes. You will know when its appropriate, and to be honest, we love to have a little back and forth banter with you, but just not when we are cueing up a move. 


We all know those over achievers, the people who seem to get everything right, and things just come easy to them. Know, that especially when you try something new, that you will likely not get it the first time around, and THAT'S OKAY. Just because you didn't get it does not make you less of an athlete it just means you are outside of your comfort zone, and that can be a pretty scary, but awesome place to be. Your workouts should be one of the best parts of your day, so stop being so hard on yourselves! You're here, putting in the hard work, so acknowledge your weaknesses but then focus on your strengths.


No this has nothing to do with nascar racing, its exactly what you think...SMELL THOSE PITS!! Be mindful of your personal odors. Give yourself the smell check, or better yet, have a loved one check before you leave the house. While there is nothing worse than someone asking "tell me if this smells and lifts up their arm," but its the right thing to do. There is nothing worse than sharing a small space with someone that smells. If you sweat a lot, be sure to pop those clothes right into the hamper when you get home. This also goes for heavy perfumes/colognes. 


During classes, teachers will often check in with a class, and try to get a feel for how everyones feeling. DON'T IGNORE THEM! A little WOO HOO goes a long way! Even a good eye roll or your baddest workout face will give us just what we need, so don't hold back. We need to know what works and doesn't work and love to hear feedback, good or bad, about how your experience was. You may be some of the only adult interaction we get all day, so don't be shy! If you are not the type to feel comfortable giving feedback directly to an instructors face (you should though) you are always welcome to send us an email and let us know. The only way an instructor can get better is if they know what you liked, and what you didn't like. Most teachers end their classes asking for feedback so be sure to speak up.