Lexington Fitness Folks...prepare yourself.

I could not be more excited to announce that after about 2 years of searching and recently giving up, a beautiful, bigger and better space fell into our laps in Lexington Center and we are MOVING!! 

We were already excited for our custom reformers to arrive soon and NOW we have a brand new studio to look forward to as well. 

We are taking over the Orange Leaf space around the corner on Mass Ave. This means more space for MORE MACHINES. We will have 12 BRAND NEW CUSTOM REFORMERS, plenty of rowers (and no we wont have to move the machines anymore for row class.) TWO personal bathrooms (can I get an AMEN?!)

BUT, You may want to sit down for the best news yet....

We are adding a daycare space as well. So now your kids will no longer have to wonder what you do with those toe sox! 

Demo has been completed and work has already begun to outfit it to our needs ASAP. As long as everyone can move as quickly as I can, we expect to be up and running this June/July. 

Oh also, we no longer have people living above us sooooo that in and of itself is worth the move!

You know what they say, you find the right one as soon as you stop looking.

Stay tuned for more updates and spread the word. Btone Lexington is moving up in this world and we are so excited for you all! If you know of a business that would be a good fit for our current space on Waltham St then send them our way!


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