Train Like an Elite Athlete!

Marathon Season is Here! Let's get in step with self-care, endurance strength and mobility!

10 Classes for $126.20

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  • That's just $12.60 a class!!!
  • You have 35 days to use em' all!
  • Build healthy, steady habits
  • You too can get the same sore muscles as a marathoner!
  • Unlike the Boston Marathon, you do not have to qualify to buy this pass...just a btone profile!
  • Don't be shy, tell your friends, and go the distance!







Offer Ends April 23rd at 8pm, so grab yours now!

If you are currently using a pack, no worries! You can always wait a bit towards the end of your package. Just be sure to purchase before the deal expires. Your 35 days will begin with your FIRST scheduled class. Just be sure the first class you schedule is the one you intend to go to. 

Just bought a 10 pack? no worries just email us when you have all 10 classes scheduled and we can reassign to the correct package.

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